10 Tips to Beat Germs In Your House

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10 Tips to Beat Germs In Your House

During these unprecedent times, it is even more important to protect ourselves from bacteria and virus! It is easy to overlook things at your own home, but here are some simple but helpful tips to beat germs in your house! 

Tip #1: Don't forget hallways and carpets. 

When you get home and walk the hallway with your shoes, you are essentially bringing in bacteria from the outside. Make sure to leave your shoes at the door and wash floors and vacuum carpets once a week. 

Tip #2: Clean your towels frequently!

Think your towels are clean? Think again! Be sure to wash your towels at least once a week and wash the gym towels after each workout! Make sure to hang your towels to air dry. Also, don't forget to wash your kitchen towels regularly! 

Tip #3: Disinfect the office. 

With increasing number of working from home days, it is important to keep you office sanitized. Computer keyboards, desktops, and especially your phones are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria! Use a vacuum to remove the junk and wipe down all these areas to disinfect! 

Tip #4: Don't forget to clean the knobs and railings! 

Germs and bacteria spread quickly on doorknobs, handles, railings, faucets, and light switches! These all the things that usually get overlooked during a cleaning session. Make sure to sanitize these surfaces at least once a week with wipes or a disinfecting cleaner to help kill viruses! 

Tip #5: Wash your washing machine. 

Why clean the washing machine when it looks so clean? Not true! Your washing machine is not the cleanest places, as dirty laundry can fill your washer and future laundry with bacteria and viruses! The best way to ensure hygiene in the washing machine is to run the washer empty with a cup of bleach every once in a while depending on how often you do laundry. Try washing your laundry at the highest temperature (given your fabric allows it) to kill germs. 

Tip #6: Kill the bedroom germs!

Wash all bed linens at least once a week in hot water! Keep food and snacks out of the bedrooms and don't let me the crumbs attract bacteria. 

Tip #7: Dust the living room. 

Germs like to hang out in your living room, especially on telephones, coffee tables, remote control, and your TV. Wipe these surfaces once a week with disinfectant wipes or use a microfiber duster to dust away all the dirt! 

Tip #8: Disinfect your kitchen sponges! 

Sponges are breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially when they are wet! If you do not sanitize your sponges frequent enough, bacteria from raw food can flourish in your sink! Easiest way to clean sponge is to wet it and zap it in the microwave for 2 minutes after each use! 

Tip #9: Empty the fridge. 

It is easy to overlook hygiene in your fridge! Don't make this mistake. Form a habit of emptying any unwanted food or leftover regularly and disinfect the fridge to control odor and also preventing bacteria from forming! Always clean up the spills right away and do not let it sit. If you need more help on cleaning the fridge, please check our blog for a dedicated post on this topic! 

Tip #10: Watch out for mold and mildew build up in your bathroom! 

Bathroom is one of the hardest to keep clean at all time due to our frequent visits! Make sure to scrub the tub, sink, floors and showers on a regular basis to prevent mold and mildew buildup! We do have several blog posts on this topic as we know this is a big struggle for most people. 

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