The Latest Cleaning Trends You Should Know!

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The Latest Cleaning Trends You Should Know!

Out of all the unique trends that make their rounds on social media, there is nothing as satisfying as cleaning-related content. From commercial cleaners to your usual decluttering enthusiasts, we are seeing more and more people going viral on social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok with their before-and-after decluttering and cleaning transformations.

One of the factors contributing to the cleaning industry’s popularity is how eye-opening it can be for the average user. Not to mention, the COVID-19 pandemic has given people all the more incentive to get interested in household care and maintain top-notch hygiene.

Whether you are a commercial cleaning business or just a regular Joe interested in disinfecting your space, staying on top of industry trends can help you take advantage of innovative products in the market and make the right purchases. This article lists the 5 latest cleaning trends of 2021 to help you get the most out of your future cleaning.

The Latest Cleaning Trends of 2021

1. Rising Use of Disinfectants

Who would have thought that last year was going to change the world as it did?

As people have sheltered themselves in their homes, there has been an increasing awareness of important hygienic practices, specifically indoors. The world, as a whole, has become much more conscious and mindful of cleaning – specifically disinfecting.

Google searches for the word “sterilization” went up more than 5,000 percent in 2020 alone. The demand for disinfectants and bleach saw a sharp increase in the US, with 59 percent of consumers increasing their use of disinfecting cleansers and other cleaning products. The UK saw a similar rise with about 52 percent of adults spending more than usual on health and hygiene products.

Adding to this has been the widescale move by prominent cleaning brands to provide helpful information on how to efficiently disinfect at home using their products.

Many people are now better educated on disinfection fundamentals and consumers are more informed than ever about the value of cleaning.

With surveys showing 85% of US adults to stick to their cleaning habits long after COVID, this trend is here to stay.

2. Opting for Clean and Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Environmental issues are all the rage right now and for all the right reasons.

While health and safety are at the forefront for everyone, people are still showing concern for the environment and prioritizing products that provide eco-friendly and recyclable solutions.

With consumers regularly reaching for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, responsible cleaning has remained the focus during the pandemic. Given the current climatic conditions, it will likely continue to gain attention.

As a cleaning franchise with a focus on the environment, Kleenovate focuses on delivering safe and easy cleaning solutions through products that take care of both your health and the health of our planet.

One of our many products that are made with the environment in mind is our Surface Cleaner.

Below are some of the many benefits that you can get as a result of using this product:

  • Versatility. It can be used to effectively clean all types of hard surfaces.
  • Efficiency. It contains ingredients such as Berol 226SA and PEG-6000 that provide efficient degreasing and cleaning properties.
  • Safety. The Surface Cleaner has Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Benzoate, and Sodium Silicate Anhydrous as some of its ingredients. These are all naturally derived and non-toxic components that work to remove unnecessary residue and the toughest of stains without being harsh.
  • Environmental Friendliness. The product packaging is made with Pure Kraft paper, making it eco-friendly inside out.

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Kleenovate Surface Cleaner 

3. Laundry Detergent Strips Picking Up Pace 

Many people are moving towards employing laundry detergent strips in their laundry routines. These strips are a huge step up from the traditional detergents in more ways than one:

  • They are easy to use.
  • They provide powerful cleaning and washing.
  • They result in zero spillage thanks to their design and formulation.
  • They are safer for the environment.
  • Their packaging takes up minimal space.

Given the fact that laundry detergent strips are able to provide the same cleaning power as traditional detergents - along with the added benefits of eco-friendliness - makes it a no-brainer for individuals interested in responsible cleaning.

As a consequence of their wide-ranging benefits, an increasing number of people are likely to begin incorporating laundry detergent strips in their lives.

4. Innovative Cleaning Leading the Way

Innovative products that provide customers with convenient cleaning solutions are poised to make headway in the future.

As the world is appreciating the importance of keeping itself clean, they also want innovative solutions to go along with it.

Surveys show that a significant majority of individuals are willing to pay for innovative products that improve efficiency and make their job easier for them.

At Kleenovate, we understand that your time is important. Which is why we aim to create quality products that do the work for you and minimize the time and effort you have to spend on cleaning.

Our SpinSeries Scrubbing Kit helps you tackle the tough stains – think: mold, grease, grime, and much more - without the many pains that go along with them. It provides:

  • Faster Cleaning. This scrubbing kit comes with an innovative fast-spinning brush head that makes your cleaning faster along with powerful torque to provide better control of the device.
  • Easy Reach. The product has a long, adjustable handle that can be used to easily clean spaces that are otherwise unreachable. The brush heads are also movable and provide ample rotation for a more thorough scrubbing.
  • Stress-free and Painless Design. SpinSeries is designed with your health in mind. Its extendable handle saves you from bending over to reach small spaces that can cause you to experience chronic pain. You clean better with less effort!
  • Our SpinSeries Scrubbing Kit comes with 4 different types of brush heads - each with a different set of purposes. Whether it is the stovetop grease or the soap residue in the sink, this all-in-one product will let you clean with ease.

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Kleenovate SpinSeries Scrubbing Kit

5. Enhanced Use of Digital Channels for Purchases 

The need for businesses to migrate to online channels has been exacerbated with the inception of COVID-19. Going digital is an approach that ultimately all businesses will have to take, including the cleaning industry. According to the Nielsen’s global ecommerce study, 1 in 2 shoppers purchases personal care and cleaning products exclusively online. 

Even with the world slowly opening up and regaining a sense of normalcy, the trend for buying household products online has persisted and is likely here to stay in the coming years.

Thankfully, Google has been opening up new avenues for cleaning businesses by rolling out convenient ad tools that can help them increase their online visibility and promote their products and services.

Cleaning businesses must be prepared to invest more time, effort, and money on their digital presence. Along with ad spend, they should enhance their online presence by creating a user-friendly website and providing a dedicated online customer service for consumers. At Kleenovate, we are leading the way by putting customers at the forefront of our business! 

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