Your 2022 Spring Cleaning Hacks (Busy Moms Edition)

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Your 2022 Spring Cleaning Hacks (Busy Moms Edition)

It's almost Spring Time - the season of blossoming plants, longer days, and of course spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is the annual routine for moms to abolish the piled-up dust and freshen the home air. 

While it's easier for most, the struggle is real for busy moms who have tons of other things to do. Does this sound familiar?

Our list of spring cleaning hacks 2022 can save you! Let’s check out:

#1 Organize, Discard, and Donate

Do a little cleaning before the real cleaning. Start by organizing cluttered items on your office desk, closet, tables, couches, dining space, and shelves. Look for the items which you think are of no use. Get a bin or a bag, and add those items into it (Bags avoid clutter and speed up the process).

Make sure you categorize it as per the genre of the items (ex: books, toys, clothes, etc.). Once you’re done sorting, you can donate them to the needy. Likewise, look for expired items (ex: medicines, cosmetics, etc.) and discard them in another bag/bin. Denote the bag as throwaway items and discard them. 

#2 Shoo the Dust!

Sorting and organizing may generate dust (plus the allergies, ugh!). So next in the line, bid ado to the dust. Start by wiping the furniture (through dusting clothes) and the area around. To speed up the process, invest in good dusters. This will ensure deep cleaning and prevent floating dust particles. 

If you see dust accumulated on the fabric or covers, take them outside and shake them off. Use a broom for removing the dust from the ceiling. Also, use a dry cloth/broom to wipe off any accumulation from ceiling fans, vents, and lights.

#3 Scrubbing Kit for Surfaces

After dusting, it's important to keep surfaces smooth and clean. You can use a good-quality scrubbing kit for that. It can cut your time for using dampened clothes frequently and ensure a wiped surface. It can also clean the floor corners and pivots to remove those stubborn stains. These kits are also efficient for sinks, bathtubs, stoves, toilets, baseboards, and stoves.

To use the scrubbing kit, simply spray a surface cleaner, choose an appropriate brush, remove residues, and voila. You’re done! Besides indoor areas, you can also scrub outdoor areas with this kit. So, for busy moms with less time, scrubbing kits are a must-have item. You can also add a high-quality microfiber towel to this kit for a better cleaning experience.

#4 Freshen Up the Rooms

Done with the cleaning? Great! Now, open your windows and doors to ensure fresh air inside the room. Add in fresh flowers to the vases and light up the scented candles. Wash the dirty sheets and clean the carpets. You can sprinkle baking soda or lemon on the carpet surface to maintain freshness!

For overall room ambiance, you can buy a good diffuser, potpourri, or deodorizer. Strictly, prohibit any practices like smoking, wearing shoes, eating food, etc., inside your rooms. Keep the pet cages and garbage free from any stack-up.

That's it! Try out these hacks to clean your home this spring season.

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