5 Benefits of Having SpinSeries Scrubbing Kit!

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5 Benefits of Having SpinSeries Scrubbing Kit!

Whether you have just received your SpinSeries™ Scrubbing Kit or on the fence of making that smart decision, this article will offer you great insights of the many benefits the product will bring! If you are interesting in learning more about SpinSeries™, then keep on reading! 

Benefit #1: No More Bending Over 

Traditional way of cleaning takes a toll on us! It not only takes a lot of effort but it can also cause physical pain to our body, especially for seniors or people who suffer from chronic pain. With SpinSeries™ Scrubbing Kit, the scrubber device allows you to clean while standing up, whether that be the sink, the tile floor or the toilet bowl. No need to ever bend over to scrub on your hands and knees, cleaning can be pain and stress-free! 

Benefit #2: Reach Anywhere with Ease

The scrubber device head can be rotated 0-80°, giving you the maximum flexibility to clean the narrow space of the sink, toilet bowl, and even the sides of the faucet. The extendable handle allows you to reach as high as 43'' with ease. Now with help of SpinSeries™, you can easily clean the glass shower door, the showerhead and the shower wall. Make sure to adjust the head to the desired angle and the extendable handle to the appropriate length before cleaning. 

Benefit #3: No More Elbow Grease

With the help of SpinSeries™, you can tackle tough stains with ease. Say goodbye to elbow grease and clean with less effort! Simply place the scrubber device on the area that you wish to clean and let it do all the work for you! SpinSeries™ is here to help you save time and effort! 

Benefit #4: One Device For All Surfaces 

SpinSeries is suitable for any surfaces both inside and outside of your house. The kit comes with 4 different replacement brush heads. Each brush head is carefully crafted to serve its unique purposes. 

Round Brush – A true all-purpose brush head for any area in the house, no matter how flat or curvy the surfaces are! This Round Brush is perfect for cleaning the sink, bathtub, carpets, toilet bowl, and more.

Corner Brush – Combining precision and flexibility, the pointed Corner Brush is designed for hard-to-reach areas, narrow space, tight corners, edges. It is perfect for cleaning the grout, corners of the standing shower, edges of the sink, faucet, and more.

Wide Flat Brush – This extra Wide Flat Brush is the heavy-duty brush head, which is ideal for large flat surfaces, such as tile floors, ground, window, oven, glass shower doors, and more.

Small Flat Brush– The Small Flat Brush adds more precision to the Wide Flat Brush, allowing you to focus on smaller spaces or areas that require less surface contact. It is perfect for cleaning the stove, microwave, or smaller flat surfaces.

Note: The bristles are stiff and made of durable material that is designed to tackle the surfaces and corners. They are strong enough to break down the grime but soft enough not to cause any scratches or leave any marks.

Benefit #5: Easy To Use

Unlike other advanced tools, SpinSeries™ is extremely easy to use and control. With its one-button operating system and zero assembling required, you can start using the device the day you receive it! The device works cordlessly during cleaning and can be recharged in just under 4 hours. When it is fully charged, it will last you up to 150 minutes. 

The SpinSeries™ is designed for anyone who wishes to clean faster with less effort, and it is especially great for seniors who suffer from chronic pain. This product will save you time, effort, and money! No more expensive cleaning service, you can do the cleaning job without breaking your bank or your back.

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